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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Outrage (or, how the Internet proves anything for anyone)

I may have to retract my prior claim that it's an outrage that people accuse Bush of knowing that Iraq had no WMD (at the time of the war, that is). I did some research, and it looks like maybe Bush knew about 9/11:




Further, Bush clearly authorized the torture in Abu Ghraib:


And the news of Bush authorizing military incursions into up to 20 countries is particularly troubling:


Also, it seems that Bush knew about the devastation Katrina would bring, the day before it happened:


I have, however, found less evidence that Bush knows about the aliens in Roswell, although see this about his veep, setting up a shadow government in Area 51:


What did Cheney know, and when did he know it?

More. I've found evidence of a shadow government set up by the Bush administration, the so-called COG:


And what's up with the connection between Bush Republicans and Osama Bin Laden?:


I'm pleased to report on this blog, however, that I've found no real evidence that Bush knows about the Lochness Monster, or Bigfoot. I'm trying to confirm talk of a Yeti cover up from those seething with hatred of the Bush administration who reside in remote areas of the Himalayas.

Will keep all posted.

1 comment:

mijopo said...

"I may have to retract my prior claim that it's an outrage that people accuse Bush of knowing that Iraq had no WMD "

Actually what you claimed, in the prior post anyway, was,(a) "It's Outrageous to Call Bush a Liar" and then, more specifically (b) "it's outrageous to say that Bush lied to the American people about the existence of the WMD to get us into Iraq", which is a different thing entirely.

As to the rest of what you're saying here, I'm trying to interpret it as a response to my objections yesterday. If it is, I'm having trouble constructing the argument that you're making. Could you spell it out for me?