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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gore Apology Accepted

I stumbled upon this gem, improbably, while perusing the liberal Huffington Post. It's a fairly sweeping criticism of Gore-style Global Warming claims; I found the discussion about the absorptive capacity of Co2 most interesting, and germane, to the present Global Warming discussion.


mijopo said...

Sorry, dude, not touchin' it.

Erik said...

It is interesting that the Huff Post published it however. Shows, I think, that the "consensus" about GW is questioned also by the Left.

mijopo said...

I suppose, insofar as the Huff Post and Ambler (dude, he's from Austin!) are "the Left".

Erik said...

I didn't know he's from Austin, but right on Ambler! But anyway, I'm guessing it won't get read much by GW proponents (or it if does, it'll be with the sole aim of poking holes in it, not considering it), which is pretty much where we're all at with this issue: everyone's already made up their minds, and screw this or that tidbit. Now that's science!

In fairness, one could argue that we pretty much have to take this attitude, given the quantity of conflicting information out there these days.