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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save the Planet

Gore thinks he's saving the planet. I love this. The hubris. Most of us can't save our sandwich from getting stale on the corners. But Gore's got us frothed up about saving the planet. Well, hell, let's do it Al (say this in a slow Southern drawl). Let's save it mo fo. What to do first? How about, with every last penny, mobilize our forces to scare the beejeesus out of China, until they stop building those 1950s coal plants. That'd do a heckuva lot. Failing that, I'll put in those energy saving bulbs (I do use these, actually, but only because it makes good financial sense). How many flourescent bulbs does it take to cancel out a coal plant? Have to start somewhere, I guess.


mijopo said...

Argue about whether or not Gore is right, but this line of attack seems silly. You think it's hubris to come to the conclusion that the planet is peril and urge people to take action against it? He's not being small-minded enough for you?

Erik said...

I think the idea that the planet is in peril and we're gonna come to its rescue is silly, yes. we can express the idea that we should cut pollution to make urban areas more livable, agressively pursue alternate energy solutions, and so on, without the rhetoric about how we'll come a' runnin' and save the planet.