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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Donald

Donald Trump gets interviewed, pretty frequently, by cable news for sound bites on what's happening with the economy, business, banking, this kind of thing. You know, The Donald topics. Well I really do love these Donald moments. This is a guy who once ran for President, promoting himself to the country with memorabilia like "I've had a great time here" (what the heck does that mean? Is this what-happens-in-Vegas campaigning? Sounds like a Chicago politician, with perhaps less criminality and more just standard issue louche).

So he's back on cable news now, giving his wisdom on the auto bailout. The problem with The Donald is that he's so opulently wealthy, so New York Cosmo privileged, that he can't manage the relevant distinctions for us plebian viewers. When asked if he'd buy an American car, he responds that he's got several. In fact, he says, he just had one of his workers buy a Dodge Ram truck for him. He likes Cadillacs, too. Buick makes a good car, he assures us.

The interviewer, Greta Van Suster-whatever, asks if he buys foreign as well, and she should have known better, because (say it with me) of course he does! He buys them all. See, it's just about Donald Trump being really rich. But strangely I still like the guy. He embodies that rarified world of gaudy New York real estate tycoons. He's (weirdly) innocently just that. He tells us with a straight face that he helps the struggling economy by buying expensive things (he's got, strictly speaking, something of a point here.) No time for philanthropic B.S., The Donald's making deals. He just scored another gold statue for one of his homes. Beautiful. Great time to buy em'.

Final thought, The Donald was on I think MSNBC a while back, and was asked about buying real estate. I kid you not, he's on point with a story about how he just picked up a piece of real estate for pennies on the dollar. 112 million is all. It's a great time to buy, he concludes (as if we should all rush out and grab up some resorts in Miami for cheap). The interviewer is slightly exasperated at this point and reminds Mr. Trump that many Americans are struggling to buy a first home, or pay the mortage on an existing. Unfazed. The deals are out there, he says. And they are. If you're The Donald.

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