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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hide the Decline

Thanks alot, Global Warming folks. What I've been saying all along. It's not that I have super knowledge of non-global warming, it's that I'm capable of spotting the intrusion of politics into science. That doesn't take a scientist. Now the one bastion of non-political thinking, science, is further eroded in the eye of the public. The hypothesis that "Co2 is driving climate change", as opposed to other hypotheses (like that sun perturbations are more salient), we assumed would be evaluated on pure scientific merits. That's science. And I'm afraid the Global Warming enthusiasts following the IPCC either don't care about unadulerated science if it runs counter to political aims, or they really do, and they've been duped.

By the way, an interesting factoid: it was Margaret Thatcher, on the Right, who first gave political prominence to the view that it could be man-made causes responsible for variations in climate temp. Why? She was seeking a counter to the power of the coal miners unions, who would instigate strikes that threatened her ministry. This irony I'll let stand without further comment.

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