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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

George Will Strikes

I rarely read Will like this. I take it he's feeling journalistically mistreated. I agree with him -- I hope not out of cynicism but epistemic humility -- that in a couple of decades, we'll be on to some new claim about the Earth writ large and what all industrialized nations must do immediately to avert disaster. It's worth a read if you follow George Will, though I haven't followed up on his references (i.e., to the NYT article).


mijopo said...

Dude, you're back! Chris Mooney discusses the Will column in today's Post:


Erik said...

I caught a very nasty Strep and have been out of commission for a while, in addition to various issues at work and at home. I'm back to maybe half speed on the blog. My plan is to get back to one post per day.