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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hold the Phone

For anyone who remembers the foundering hopelessness of Democrats after President Bush's reelection in 2004, after the simultaneously stentorian and soporific John Kerry failed to deliver, we'd all be wise to take a chill pill before expatiating on the death of the Republican party.

American politics is cyclical, like democratic politics generally; back and forth between our two parties we always go. No need to dig deep into history tomes to get this, just read Wikipedia entries for a few minutes about past elections and it'll become clear. The elephant will return; I hope thoroughly modernized and with a clear, inclusive message that resonates and especially inspires.

At any rate, even if President-elect Obama is a two-termer (of course way too early to prognosticate about this), it's hardly that long in the wilderness for those roaming Dinosaur Republicans, when put in historical context. So, enjoy the moment, Salon. But chill. You don't want some new era of journalistic gloaters to dig up those now-embarassing backlogged 2008 articles, injecting them with glee into future discussions about Republican reemergence. Back and forth we go.

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mijopo said...

Indeed, given the dismal state the country is in, it's a wonder the size of the House and Senate were as small as they were. and the pop. vote was relatively close. Given that Obama is centrist at best, right winger at worst, this election was hardly a swing to the left. Republicans will be back.